Connected Machines / Industry 4.0

All Shopfloor data in single KwikTic Database

Commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, Smart Factory or Connected Factory,  KwikTic enables equipment to automatically collect and store production data directly from automated processes. KwikTic is ready to connect in a variety of ways with both old and new equipment,

By harvesting machine information directly, KwikTic enables more accurate and reliable shopfloor data. Having all data in a single database enables a range of more powerfull reporting than isolated systems could ever provide.

Connections should not be limited to machines, as there are numerous other data sources such as MRP/ERP systems that can provide useful data. 

KwikTic Agent

KwikTic agent is a Service that runs in the background harvesting information from a variety of standard machine outputs.

With KwikTic Agent, it is easy to add additional inspection machines or connect to an MES system.


Special cases are covered with KwikTic API. This flexible API allows other bespoke systems to communicate with KwikTic. The API is a complete industry standard REST API and also has a number of hooks to read directly from Text file drops.

 For example:

Simple File drop

Text, XML or JSON files can be a simple way of communicating with the API or KwikTic Agent.

Direct from Other Data Sources

Use existing data from other sources such as MRP, ERP, Test Databases, etc.