KwikTic API

Putting you in control by providing ways for you to Expand KwikTic’s functionality. Therefore, you never need to be concerned about future proofing for features not currently required or equipment you have not yet introduced.

Why Expansion?

KwikTic has an amazing range of features, but there is always the possibility you want to do something really specific to your needs. Maybe it is integrating your MRP / ERP system or pushing results from your own in-house designed test equipment. It may be creating material direct from your existing stores system.

Whatever the case, at KwikTic we realise we have most bases cover, but realistic to know you need some additional control to do your own special thing or integrate it with existing systems.

Therefore, we have created KwikTic API. It means you can expand it how you need.


KwikTic API covers a range of possibilities, whether it is creating a new Batch, Recording Test Results, setting a Line Status to Stopped, or many other tasks, there is a place in the API for you.

It is well documented and for those familiar with API / SDKs, it is a simple choice of

HTTP GET or POST Json or XML to a URL.


Utilising our DLL based SDK.