KwikTic Quality

KwikTic Quality helps understand and quantify problems and ultimately improve FTY (First Time Yield), while controlling Repairs so no product is shipped with a defect.

KwikTic is faster, more accurate and more comprehensive than most other methods. It is more relevant. How you use it?

Simple Tools for recording defects.

Defect Database

Whether you are using Automated or Manual Inspection/Test, KwikTic stores all defects and Test Results in a single SQL database. Realtime or historical reports are fast and simple. Trends can be noticed and analyzed across products, processes and a wide range of other metrics.


No more need for wasting time collecting data from different systems, hours of compiling the results and then preparing a report, which is only available after the problem.

Reporting is Live with KwikTic (and historical) – giving more chance to fix any issues before they become costly problems.

KwikTic provides a range of out of the box reports, custom Reports and Dashboards can be customized by our customers.

(You can even have your monthly report automatically in just a couple of mouse clicks).

Faster and more Accurate

In most cases, defects are collected directly from Automated equipment, so no user input or time required.

Where defects are collected manually, KwikTic’s User Interface makes life easier, faster and more comprehensive than any other technique. Point and click. 

3 Clicks (2 seconds):


Comprehensive data collection and Reporting

Have you ever tried to track quality only to find there are conditions you never recorded? KwikTic keeps a comprehensive level of detail for each and every defect, without adding additional time during the collection process. For example, even with just 3 manual clicks, the following details are recorded: 

Optionally these other details can be added:

With all this data, finding a common cause or trends is far simpler. It also helps to priorities where quality improvements can make the biggest impact.


In addition to data and chart reports, KwikTic has Measle Reports. These show cluster spots where defects have occurred. Helping identify process issues not obvious with just data or charts. They also bring awareness to operators, by identifying trouble areas.

Defect Measel chart with Drill down


KwikTic will also track all open defects, ensuring the operator can clearly see there are issues needing attention. There is no need for problems to be handwritten or unreliable inspection labels to be added. Simply using the existing Serial Number or a temporary Repair Serial Number (which can be printed on demand) will ensure KwikTic can track all defects.

KwikTic can also act as a Repair Station for other 3rd party systems (e.g. AOI machines).

Test Records

Along with records of Defects and Repairs, KwikTic will has the ability to store results results. Useful for Fault Diagnostics, Calibration Reports, Trend reports, etc.




Logging a defect