What do your Test Results tell you?

Test data is often useful for a number of reasons. Imagine how much more powerful it would be if all stored in a single database. What would you do with it?

Centralised Data

Test data can easily and quickly be collected automatically with KwikTic Agent or KwikTic API.

It can also be collected manually using KwikTic Work Instructions.


Whichever way you choose, it all ends up in the same place, creating a powerful knowledgebase of useful information.

It's not just the result that matter

Data from the test, each Pass / Fail and each measured value about the Unit Under Test (UUT) is important and useful for Calibration reports, analysing trends, traceability, etc. 

Why stop there? Would it not be useful to TAG information about the test itself. Knowing which fixture was used, what software version of test program was used or the room temperature, or just about anything you need to record can be with KwikTic’s “Test Tags”

Faster Fail Diagnosis

How much resource is used to diagnose test faults? 

How does your repair process impact production?

What skill level is required to diagnose faults?

KwikTic builds a knowledgebase of Test Faults and the underlying defect that caused them. As a result, it can suggest the most likely reasons for a fault. It can make diagnostics x10 faster and reduce required skill levels.


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