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Both – KwikTic is single suite of software consisting of a number of individual solutions. It can be configured in a variety of ways.

Therefore it is scalable, which means you only need to purchase what you need.

It really depends on the features required and the number of lines to be controlled or monitored.

An installation could start from around £7,500 ($10,000) for centralised paperless Work Instructions.

Typical installations which involve Routing, Work Instructions, Quality, Reporting and a couple of machine Interfaces will cost between £20,000 ($25,000) and £100,000 ($120,000).  The actual cost depends on the number of connected machine Interfaces and Lines.

We have a range of off the shelf machine Interfaces. But this list will always grow due to the nature and age of equipment in use.

We have invested heavily in developing a standard interface that does all the hard work. This means we can generally turn around a new interface in a matter of days (as it usually just a question of converting the machine format into our format and KwikTic Agent does the rest).

This also means customers can also use our Standard format to push data directly to KwikTic, either with KwikTic Agent (drop file), KwikTic API or with our SDK. In each case, the format of the data is exactly the same.


Our standard for logging Activities is call “CreateActivityRequest” and it handles:

  • Activity (Date Time, User, Station / Line, Serial Number / Batch)
  • Any Defect or Repair information
  • Test Data including all Pass/Fails and each measured value
  • Activity Tags,
  • Material Used (Including traceable Lot / Serial Numbers)
  • Product Information
  • Time Taken, Planned Time
  • Location in any fixture (Nest position)
  •  Process Type, Name, Sequence, MRP Code (work centre)
  • Images
  • … and a range of other information that can be stored with the Activity
Flexibility to Other Systems
Its not just machines we can connect to. We have customers who feed KwikTic with test data directly from existing SQL Databases, Create Work Orders direct from MRP / ERP systems, Store Test and calibration data direct from legacy test equipment over 25 years old.

Want to give us a challenge and se if we your requirement covered too?

In brief:

  • Initial discussions about requirements.
  • Confirm data formats and expectations are correct.
  • Quotation / PO.
  • Install Database.
  • Install Client PCs.
  • Install KwikTic. Agent (if required).
  • Training (several short blocks work best).
  • Practice and play
  • Clean database of all trial and practice data.
  • Continuous Support is available.
  • Add next feature when you realise the successes of the 1st.


It can take between 1 week and 3 months from initial installation until benefits are seen. Scaling up is even faster.

Yes, of course.

We recognise you may feel you are stepping into the ‘unknown’ when taking on a new Software System, so we are here to hold your hand and help when you need it.

We usually recommend online training as it offers a ‘step by step’ approach to training. This means you only need to commit an hour here and hour there, giving you time in between to test and reflect on how to get the best use of KwikTic.

We can also do onsite training (at  a cost) – Oh! we forgot to mention the Online Training is all included in the cost of the installation.

KwikTic is a standard set of tools that can be customised to suit a wide range of manufacturing scenarios.

No 2 facilities are the same, priorities are different depending on the industry and people / resources have different capabilities.

At KwikTic, we have tried to cover the most of the bases, but customisation is also possible.

You can even extend KwikTic capabilities with our API and SDK to get even more automation and integration with other software and equipment you use.