In an ideal world, production would be perfect, but what do we do when things go wrong? The options are usually scrap it or repair it.

If we simply do one or the other without recoding details of the issue, then we have no knowledge to show the extent of our problems or more importantly the Opportunities to improve.

Let’s face it, the inspector and repairer jobs are to inspect and repair, not keep records – it slows down production. 

Have you ever collected data and had a report created, only for it to pose a new question or require a little deeper dive into more detailed information.

With KwikTic we can collect a wide range of metrics about the fault that enable top level and detailed drill down reporting.

This is done faster than other common methods such as pen and paper or spreadsheet. Infact, it adds zero resource when collected via KwikTic Agent or through the API.

Manual Logging

Manual entry of defects are completed with 3 simple clicks:

This will record a whole host of details about the fault, enabling reports to show Issues relating to Components, specific products, time frames, failure types, etc. , along with various ways of grouping and filtering on each field.



When defects are detected, they may not be rectified immediatley, but instead, are sent for repair. KwikTic will manage all aspects of the Repair:

1. Alerting the operator. 

2. Preventing a product from moving past a specific process when there are any required repairs.

3. Providing the repairer with information about the reported defect.

4. Enabling the operator to record the details of the repair with a simple click.