KwikTic Industry 4.0 MES Manufacturing and Shopfloor Data Collection software. Quality, Productivity and Traceability Software

Keep It Simple



Monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness, with simple dashboard. Each production area or Line can be monitored individually for each shift.

Easily visualise where losses occur:

Utilisation - if lines / operators are out of action

  • Productivity - compare actual production compared with ideal production rates. Even for mixed production environments.
  • Quality - Simple gauge shows the influence quality has on OEE
  • OEE - the combination of Utilisation, Productivity and Quality

In addition, time lines show downtime and production in a simple colour coded bar.


Historical Reviews

Visualise / Report on how OEE has trended per shift over set periods.


Asset Management

Record downtime and reasons with a few simple clicks. Report on what assets fail and drill in to reasons.