KwikTic Industry 4.0 MES Manufacturing and Shopfloor Data Collection software. Quality, Productivity and Traceability Software

Keep It Simple

Track and Tag

Track product with either 1D, 2D Barcodes or simply by manually typing serial numbers.

Tag virtually ANY information to each Batch or Serial Number. E.G.:

  • Material Used
  • Process Temperature
  • Humidity
  • etc.

Track and Tag


The purpose of Track (and Tag) is to register 'Activities' for serial numbers. An activity is something which happens to a Serial Number of a product. It could be quite simply scanning the product to say it has started production, ended production, reached a storage area or any other position on the shop floor.

By Tracking product, we have a history of where it has been and the processes applied to it. Each time it is Tracked - KwikTic Stores Date and Time, Location and Who/What tracked it.

(Note: If barcodes are not in use, then serial numbers can be manually typed in).


In addition to recording activity positions for each serial number - they can also be 'Tagged' with specific information which can be recalled in the future. E.g.:

  • Solder Paste Batch Number
  • Software Versions
  • Change Notes / Modifications
  • Paint Batch Number
  • Temperature or other enviromental conditions
  • Etc..

As each product passes a Station - it is tracked simply by scanning it's serial number. This can be manually or automatically.


Below is an example of an activity - showing how several tags can be added. In this case, we see some details about a coating process have been stored against a Serial Number.