KwikTic Industry 4.0 MES Manufacturing and Shopfloor Data Collection software. Quality, Productivity and Traceability Software

Keep It Simple

Track and Tag

Track product with either 1D, 2D Barcodes or simply by manually typing serial numbers.

Tag virtually ANY information to each Batch or Serial Number. E.G.:

  • Material Used
  • Process Temperature
  • Humidity
  • etc.

Serial Number Traceability



Record each TOUCH of each Product...... with as much detail as you decide.

Serial Number Report

Each serial number in KwikTic has a wealth of information associated with it. This is all collected as products are scanned through certain processes.


To the right is a brief example of a Serial Number Report which shows a history of how a product was processed. Below is a breakdown of some of the areas of this report. 

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The Report Header shows basic Product Details:

      1. This Serial Number
      2. Basic Product details - about the type of product this is
      3. A Picture from the 1st View of this product


Each Activity is Logged.

      1. An activity is stored each time a serial number is scanned.
      2. In addition to date and time, activities store Line Section (production area).
      3. The KwikTic WorkStation.
      4. The operator / user.
      5. The type of activity being carried out.
      6. In this activity, Inspection issues have been detected and recorded, showing Reference, Fault Type and whether it has been Repaired or just Reported.
      7. Also in this activity, a TAG has been added. In this case it is showing the room temperature at the time.


If any information is Tagged - it is shown againast the Activity where the Tag was Applied.


Test Results are shown in the Serial Number Report.

      1. The Activity for the test.
      2. Test Result (Pass or Fail - with number of failures)
      3. The Name of the Test carried out.
      4. The Test Step(s) which failled.
      5. The Test Step Description.
      6. The Faultcode / Failuremode.
      7. Reapir Details which rectified this fault.


  Serial Number Association

As products get assembled, certain Serial Numbers are consumed into larger units, modules or sub assemblies. Each serial number may have a PARENT or a number of CHILDREN. In the example, 3 ICs (of the same type) have been fitted to this PCB.

      1. Product Details of each child assembly
      2. The Serial Number and Batch of the acctual child parts which were fitted to this parent.
      3. Each child is shown with it's own product details, image and serial numbers.