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Keep It Simple

Serial Association

Keep track of all serialised components and sub assemblies as they are assembled.

As products are assembled, they may have other 'Sub Assemblies' fitted to them, or they may become a 'Sub Assembly' for a larger product. Basically, we could start off by producing several items which all then get assembled into a final product. For example, the following example assumes we are interested in recording certain component serial numbers as they are assembled to make up a PC Computer.

Recording these Serial Number Associations as product is assembled enables traceability for a final product through to all details about it's components and sub assemblies (and visa versa).

It would be simple to find all products which had components with a common feature. Such features could include Components or Sub Assemblies which:

  • Were assembled on a certain day
  • Have a certain batch of Material used on them (e.g. adhesive Lot No.)
  • were processed through a particular piece of equipment or tooling
  • were purchased with a particular Purchase Order.
  • etc...



The association need not stop at the final assembly. It is also possible to associate all products despatched in a particular consignment.

Associations can still be maintained with Field Returns / Repairs. As new components are fitted - the history is also maintained.