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Keep It Simple


Routing is a gating system which ensures products follow a consistent set build stages.


Each time a product serial number is scanned, it's progress checked by looking up all previous activities. If a process is missed or there are outstanding issues (e.g. Inspection or Test fails), the user is alerted and guided to the proper corrective process.

Route steps include:

  • Track - simply recording a product was seen and completed a manual or Automated process.
  • Inspection - Opens up a product viewer ready to record manual inspections.
  • Work Instruction - Opens a Work Instruction to give interactive guidance about assembly or setting up a process.
  • Test - Guides the user through the steps required to perform a particular test - prompting for values to be input and recorded as they go.
  • Test and Inspection Repair.

Different routes can be created to suite the variety of products which are to be processed. Routes can be set up for standard manufacturing processes, field returns / repairs, etc.