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What is the status of a batch / Works Order?

WIP Reports show where products are and give a brief overview of the current batch status.


This 1st Chart shows how many serial numbers out of the full batch have passed through each station. Some stations are repair loops (e.g. Calibration Lab A), so you would not expect all product to pass through here.

However, We should question why more product has made it to Final Test than has completed (Calibration Lab B).



This 2nd WIP Chart shows where product currently is, and includes information about it's current status. Below, We see most of the product from a batch is currently at "Calibration Lab B". Out of the 11 produced, only 6 have been perfect. Out of the 5 bad, there is a total quantity of:

  • 2 serial numbers with Open Defects and
  • 5 serial numbers which have failled Test.

(NOTE: 2 + 5 does not make 6 - This is because one of the Serial Numbers has failled test and has open defects).