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KwikTic Join IPC2581 Consortium

At the recent Apex Expo in Las Vegas March 2014, we had a great introduction with the very approachable guys at IPC2581.

This relatively new data format standard for PCB assembly design and manufacturing information appears to be the answer to a vendor neutral (open) standard which should simplify processes for the industry and aid compatibility issues between equipment vendors, software solution providers and designers, to mention a few. Its gaining momentum and we support it.

We still support older formats such GENCAD, ODB++, etc. and all the existing direct CAD importers, but feel that this Vendor Neutral format is the future. It is clear it has been created by a group of engineers who understand the industry and have taken input from users who have a range of requirements.

Our Importer and viewer will start to be integrated in Summer 2014.

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